Press - 2010

2010 South Australian Wine of the Year Awards
2009 The Scooter - First Place by Consumer Judges in Class 12 – Other Reds
2009 Gigglepot - First Place by Consumer Judges in Class 14 – Cabernet & Blends

2010 Helsingor Wine Festival in Denmark
2009 Two Left Feet wins Gold as best red wine in show

Professor Chip Cassidy reviews the 2007 Blue Eyed Boy on the Wine Nose - Social Miami
25 June 2010
'Wine Spectator gave Blue Eyed Boy a 92 rating, which adds pedigree to this delicious Aussie red, with its hot black pepper streak running through the meaty cherry, dense plum and spice.' Click here to watch the video

The Independent, Brisbane
19 May 2010
Bringing a smile, and good taste, to the lips, by David Bray ...The Mollydooker Shake, they call it. It involves giving a perfectly good, well-behaved bottle of wine a good old heaving about. They are winemakers who are not only very good at their job, but also, so far as your reporter can tell, perfectly sane. ...' David Bray attended the Purple Palate's Gen Y Wine Event at the Brisbane Mariott on May 6th. Read the whole article here.

Tennis App Launch, Key Biscayne
24 March 2010
The Bryan Brothers, the #1 ranked tennis team in the world hosted an exclusive launch event to debut the “TENNIS App,” the latest application for everything tennis available for mobile phones. The launch coincided with the Sony Ericsson Open and the Bryan Brothers were joined by friends and celebrity guests at the ocean front residence of Sean and Ana Wolfington on Key Biscayne. The VIP Tennis event was catered by world renowned Puntino Restaurants who poured special Bombay drinks and the top rated Molly Dooker Wine, made by Sarah and Sparky Marquis, the highest rated wine makers in the last 10 years.

Denmark's Nordsjællands Gourmet – og Vinfestival
17 April 2010
Our 2007 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz just won Best Red Wine in Show by audience choice

Decanted Wines
12 April 2010
The Mollydooker Shake There are so many gadgets these days to decant your wine. You can use a Vinturi ($40), Soiree ($20), Decanter ($20 – $500), and now you can even shake (Free) your wine. Although I think there is a need and purpose for each of the above contraptions, this new concept of shaking is most intriguing... Read the whole article

South Jersey Wine & Dine
28 March 2010
2006 Mollydooker "Velvet Glove", Shiraz, McLaren Vale "...There may not be another wine anywhere that is so appropriately named. The nose virtually filled the room with a sweet bouquet of berries and lavender before it even hit the glass. The first sip grabs you like, like…ok, I’ll say it, like a velvet glove!..." Read the whole review

The Jacksonville Wine Guide
22 March 2010
Mollydooker “Violinist” Verdelho 2009 video review

The Orange County Register
21 March 2010
Leave the wedge, bring the corkscrew, by Randy Youngman "My personal favorite on the trip were the shirazes at Mollydooker Wines in McLaren Vale, about a half-hour south of Adelaide, where we received a guided tour from vintner Andrew Jericho. We got to taste unfinished wines out of 100,000-liter tanks in ascending order of “fruit weight.” It's Mollydooker's unique way to measure intensity of flavor based on a delicate balance of alcohol and sugar content and on how far back on the tongue the fruit can be tasted..." Read the whole article

Aussie Left-Handed Winemaker Advises Everyone to Do The Mollydooker Shake!
13 March 2010
Listen to Sparky's interview on VinVillageRadio here

Wine Spectator www.WineSpectator.com
4 March 2010
A Shiraz Cuts the Ice - Mollydooker Shiraz South Australia The Boxer 2006, by Harvey Steimen

Bottle a Day
8 March 2010
Day 29: Mollydooker The Boxer 2008 Shiraz Australia

Down Unda' with Sparky Marquis
Jan 2010
Kevin LoVullo of Spiel The Wine recently caught up with Sparky. Find out which Mollydooker Wine made Kevin say "hands down wine of the day, definately a WOW"... listen to radio interview