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Wine Spectator "The Top 10 Wines of 2007"
Oct 2008
The Top 10 of 2007 reflected the diversity in today's global world of wine, coming from six different wine regions and four countries. Each of the wines was selected by consensus among the senior editors for their combination of quality, value, availability and excitement. ...The final wine of the tasting was the Mollydooker Shiraz McLaren Vale Carnival of Love 2006 (wine No. 8, 95, $80)... "To make great wine, you can't expect to do it if you use the same techniques and processes as everyone else. You need to do something different" -Sarah Marquis. To that end, (Sarah & Sparky) developed a regimen of strict canopy management and an intensive watering program designed to produce grapes with good ripeness and lots of fruit flavor, even from the young, 6-year-old vines that were the source of the grapes for this powerful wine of immense depth.

Our wines feature in the Arizona Daily Sun:
Jan 14 2009 - Mollydooker Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 “The Maitre D, South Australia” ($25). Mollydooker (meaning “lefty” in Aussie-speak) produces wines with an unforgettable style. Even their least expensive wines, such as this Cab, have amazing power, fruit, complexity, refinement and length. Surprisingly, the 16% alcohol level isn’t overbearing. Serve with full-flavored meats such as grilled steak, beef roast and game.
Dec 12 2008 - Mollydooker 2007 Shiraz “The Boxer, South Australia” ($25). I strongly recommended this wine last year, and this new vintage once again features remarkably deep color, great fruit, good complexity and impressive refinement for the price.

Jay Miller from Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate reviews our 2007 wines:
08 The Violinist Verdelho 90 pts
“On the palate it has a creamy texture, ripe flavors, and excellent balance.”
07 The Scooter Merlot 91 pts
"This lengthy effort over-delivers for its modest price. It might even help restore Merlot's tattered reputation"
07 The Maitre D' Cabernet Sauvignon 92 pts
"It reveals an enticing nose of spice box, scorched earth, smoke, black currant, and blackberry followed by a velvety-textured, layered, savory Cabernet with excellent depth and balance."
07 Two Left Feet Blend 93 pts
"A glass-coating opaque purple, it offers up a complex aromatic array of violets, scorched earth, smoke, black cherry, and blueberry ...loads of spicy, savory blue and black fruits, silky tannin, and a very long finish."
07 The Boxer Shiraz 93 pts
“Dense and rich on the palate, it has layers of succulent fruit, lots of spice, and a lengthy finish. It is surprisingly elegant for its size.”
07 Gigglepot Cabernet Sauvignon 94 pts
“Super-concentrated, layered, and intense on the palate, it has a velvety texture, luscious flavors, and impeccable balance.”
07 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz 95 pts
“Opulent on the palate, this glossy effort will evolve for another 1-2 years but can be enjoyed now and over the next decade.”
07 Enchanted Path Shiraz/Cabernet 95+ pts
"… a brooding bouquet of spice box, toasty oak, mineral, espresso, black currant, and blueberry."
07 Carnival of Love Shiraz 96 pts
"Opulent on the palate, this glossy Shiraz has serious depth of flavor, great concentration, excellent integration of oak, tannin, and acidity, and a pure, silky finish."
07 Velvet Glove Shiraz 98 pts
"Voluptuous and sexy on the palate, this totally hedonistic effort has plenty of structure and a 60+ second finish. It will be difficult to keep one's hands off this beauty but it will drink well through 2027 for those who can withstand the seduction.” Visit www.erobertparker.com for the complete reviews.

New World Order Shifts to the Left, Rochester New York newspaper, Nov 2008 "..'The Velvet Glove' (at $185) is perhaps the most mouth filling wine I have ever tasted. If anyone ever wants to propose marriage to me, this would do it…" Read the whole article here. Part 2

Santé Magazine reviews our wines:
2006 Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz
Brilliant nose of gentle cloves with some spice; dark cherry and blueberry flavors with a hint of heat. Full bodied with balanced tannins and a note of leather in the long finish. Delicious. Shrimp fra diavolo.

2006 Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz
Full bodied, rich, ripe, concentrated dark cherry and berry fruit, quite high in alcohol with noticeably high glycerin content. Cheese and nut plate.

2006 Mollydooker Enchanted Path Syrah/Shiraz
Very jammy wine with spicy notes of nutmeg and cloves. Cooked prune and sweet tobacco flavors float over tamed tannins; round and persistent with a slightly hot finish. Rich meat dishes with tomato and carrots. Moroccan tagine.

Kori & John @ Wine Peeps rate the 2005 The Boxer as a Super Bargain!

Mollydooker Wines wins Lovely Package award
December 2008
"Mollydooker, slang for left handed. Both proprietors of the Mollydooker Wines brand are left handed, hence the brand name. The brand identity has been created to go against the grain of the 'same old' wine branding approach. The aim was to create visual communications for a brand with its own personality, not just another player in the wine industry. The aim: to create packaging that in no way reflected any of their competitors, stood out from the crowd and communicated the hands on approach that the wine makers take in producing their wines. The labels were created entirely from hand drwan illustrations, even down to the use of the hand drawn typeface. Not a single font in sight! Inspiration came from antique book patterns and 1930'ish advertising and cartoon illustrations."

Mollydooker High on US Success - The Advertiser by Valerina Changarathil, November 2008 "Sarah and Sparky Marquis from Mollydooker Winery talk about their wines, the U.S. focus and their “Mollydooker Shake.” Watch the Video

Wine Tasting puts Guests in the Right State of Mind - Daily Herald by Stephanie Penick, November 2008 "We've had some out of the ordinary fun while learning about some exquisite wines".

Let Finance Crisis 'Drive you to Drink' - The New Paper by Asiaone Business, November 2008 "...the price of fine wines rarely goes backwards. Two years ago, a client of Mr Andrew Bassett, Australian Wine Index bought a bottle of 2005 Mollydooker wine. It cost $125 a bottle then, but his client sold it this year for $350 a bottle."

Why Aussies Shake the Wine: It's a Gas - Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Gil Kulers, September 2008 "...the Mollydooker Shake, when done vigorously, can elevate something great into something closer to Nirvana."

Harvey Steiman at the Wine Spectator rates our 2007 wines:
2007 Velvet Glove Shiraz receives 96 Points!
"Lithe, generous and beautifully proportioned, offering a seamless array of dark plum, blueberry and sandalwood flavors wrapped in a veil of fine grained tannins. Finishes with an intriguing face-off of sweet fruit and spice that keeps on for quite a while. Best from 2011 through 2019." 2007 Carnival of Love Shiraz receives 95 Points and is rated 'Top 10 Wine of 2008' by Wine Spectator!
"Highly recommended! Big, rich and terrifically ripe. A lithe mouthful of pur wild blueberry and Asian spices, with swirls of plum and other berries as the finish rolls on, unimpeded by tannis. In the end, this has elegance to go along with its power. Drink now through 2017."
2007 Enchanted Path Shiraz/Cabernet receives 91 Points! "Big, ripe and focused, offering a blast of cherry and plum, with a welcome floral note that lasts through the long, vivid finish. Has a touch of spice as the finish lingers against fine tannins. Drink now through 2017."
2007 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz receives 92 Points!
"This has a hot black pepper streak running through the meaty cherry, dense plum and spice flavors, persisting on the round, supple finish. Drink now through 2014."
2007 Gigglepot Cabernet Sauvignon receives 92 Points!
"This is distinctive for its focused cherry, spice and freshly turned loam aromas and flavors. An expressive wine of richness and depth that doesn't quit as the finish rolls on and on. Drink now through 2015."
2007 The Boxer Shiraz receives 90 Points!
"Supple and generous, with spice blackberry and tar flavours, finishing with a silky texture and sweetness that make this very seductive. The finish lingers beautifully. Drink now through 2013."
2007 The Scooter Merlot receives 87 Points!
"Firm tannins support ripe cherry and herb flavors.

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October 2008
4 Mollydooker's rated as "Great Australian Reds" & Carnival of Love is "Highly Recommended". "A First Look at our Editors' Most Exciting New Wines" 6 out of 36 wines chosen are the new 2007 Mollydookers!

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A Day with Mollydooker - TORBWINE Read one of the most amazing and complete articles written on Mollydooker to date!

Nicks Wine Merchants Reviews the 2007 wines Velvet Glove awarded 100 points & The Boxer awarded 98 points!

Smoke Magazine by Richard Carlton Hacker, Spring 2008 Cigar-friendly wines...

Michael Caproso's Food Blog, May 2008 [I] visited with [Sarah and Sparky] in South Australia (in 2001) to find out the “secret” behind the consistent high-flying intensity and pure velvet textures of their wines, virtually across the board. What can I share? There is no secret – just a smart, meticulously detailed approach to winemaking from the ground up.

Real Living Magazine by Natalie Walton Deputy Editor, May 2008 A burst of inspiration. Aren't these just the most gorgeous wine labels you've seen in a long time?

Wine & Spirits Restaurant Poll Awards
April 2008
The Boxer is rated the "#2 Most Popular Shiraz" and the "#5 Most Popular Australian Wine" by American Restaurants!

Connoisseurs Corner by Specs, April 2008 Blame-Storming the "New Big Reds" As wine and the way we drink it both evolve, trends emerge. And one trend that is becoming hard to ignore is the emergence of a new style of big dry red wine that is typically consumed away from the dinner table. Where did it come from? Who's making it? Who's drinking it? (we'll give you one guess!) By Charles Bear Dalton, Specs Wine Buyer

Vogue Magazine
February 2008
Carnival of Love is the Senior Fashion Editor's top choice for a great Valentine's Day!

Arizona Daily Sun
February 2008
"Mollydooker 2006 red blend “Two Left Feet, South Australia” ($20): Should I feel guilty about recommending yet another Mollydooker this winter? Not when this Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend is boldly flavored, full-bodied, fruit-dominated and, incredibly refined for the price. Serve with grilled steak and ungrilled chocolate. Available only online (www.mollydookerwines.com). Not to be missed." - by John Vankat, Wine columnist

New York Daily News
January 2008
"Mollydooker: The food-friendly roster from Sarah and Sparky Marquis, the dynamic wine-making pair behind mollydookerwines.com, features not only playfully striking packaging (the labels even come with easy tear-off tabs) but exceptional wine." Says Jay Cheshes

San Marcos Record Texas
January 2008
Tom Marquardt says "We have discovered more great wines from Australia this year than any other region. Two that come top of mind are Mollydooker..."

Arizona Sun
January 2008
Mollydooker 2006 Shiraz "The Boxer" ($20). "The best $20 wine I've tasted in years..." Mollydooker 2006 Shiraz "Carnival of Love" ($80). "Wow! The best wine I've tasted in 2007..." - by John Vankat

Captial Gazette
January 2008
"If there's one thing that won't happen at Mollydooker, its the left hand not knowing what the right had is doing. That could be beacuase winemakers Sarah and Sparky Marquis are both mollydookers - Australian slan for left-handers. But it could also be because they are blissfully married, well educated in wine, and make every decision together. As far as we can see, Australia's most talented southpaws haven't made a mistake yet... Read on for the "secret of their success".