Fruit Weight

Marquis Fruit Weight™

“We make wines that make people go WOW, through attention to detail and commitment to excellence.” And what makes people go WOW is the Marquis Fruit Weight™. 

Fruit Weight™ is the percentage of your palate (from the tip of your tongue going all the way back) that's covered by the velvety sensation of fruit, before you experience any of the structural components of the wine. 

A wine must have at least 60% Fruit Weight™ in order to be considered as a Mollydooker. 

The very top wine, Velvet Glove, is the easiest to determine, as it’s very rare to have a wine graded with 95-100% Marquis Fruit Weight™. Generally the wine is profound, was spotted early on, and has led a pampered life. The Love wines, Carnival of Love and Enchanted Path, are made from Shiraz and Cabernet which have 85-90% Marquis Fruit Weight™. The Family wines are made from Shiraz and Cabernet with 75-80% Marquis Fruit Weight™ and the Lefty wines are made from Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot and Verdelho with 65-70% Marquis Fruit Weight™. In order to be considered for Mollydooker, the wine must measure at least 65% on the Fruit Weight scale. The less lucky wine is rejected for the Mollydooker program all together, and is sold as bulk wine. 

We carefully taste and monitor our grapes and our wines throughout the entire growing and winemaking process in order to assess the Marquis Fruit Weight™.