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The Mollydooker Shake

Francois - 12 January, 2015 - Montreal
Greetings from Montréal, folks!
I tasted your outstanding wine last Friday – and experienced the Mollydooker Shake. What a pleasant shock! Shaking did reveal the fruitiness of the wine. Three wine aficionados were delighted – and also learned something new.Thanks and kudos for producing such delicious course materials.
Sandy B - 5 January, 2015 - Canada
Had The Boxer the other day. Wonderful. Good luck in 2015. Keep up the great work!
John W - 1 January, 2015 - Massachusetts, USA
Your wines are not so easy to find, especially on Cape Cod where I live. My local store was able to come up with but a single bottle of 2012, at a price I choose not to remember. I collected it just before Christmas and rather foolishly, left it on the kitchen read the rest of my funny tale click here!
Deb - 29 December, 2014 - USA
I wanted to share the attached photo with you. During my six month deployment in Afghanistan, my husband and I had several conversations about how we'd celebrate my return. This wonderful traditional evening (Christmas Eve), with a wonderful bottle of your Velvet Glove (which had been set aside for a special occasion) was on the list.