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Bill I - 12-April, 2014

We just had a 2010 Gigglepot from our cellar. Absolutely, wonderfully delicious...Hope to see Sparky at a wine dinner again someday.

Jan S - 5-April, 2014 - Germany

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I just had two bottles of your Carnival of Love that I have the urge to tell you that your wines are the same thrilling and great tasting than my first high end Bordeaux experiences about 30 years ago...

Jon M - 8-April, 2014
I bought some 2012 Blue Eyed Boy which was delivered to me on Wednesday. OMG, it may be the best Blue Eyed Boy you've ever made. Unbelievable depth of flavor, silky and savory right out of the bottle. Blows away the 2011 in a side by side (at least for now). In fact , it was better than a 2010 Carnival as well! Amazing!
Bernard S - 1-April, 2014 - Canada
Enjoying Carnival of Love at Opus Restaurant in Toronto, Canada with the owner Tony Amaro. Cheers!